About Us


My name is Guy Landau and I am the founder and owner of GearLogic. As someone who is passionate about the pursuit of truth in its many aspects, I have always been fascinated by both science and philosophy. That is why I started GearLogic - to spread the love of truth to the world.


While I've always been fascinated with these topics, they became an inherent and integral part of my life in the beginning of 2017 after my (at the time presumed) well-formed world view collapsed in front of me. Things I was sure about - that I would bet my life were true and/or good - were discovered to be misguided and false.


From there I went on a deep dive to rediscover myself and what I hold to be true and what is truth on a philosophical level. The three main conclusions I came to were:
1. I figured out that my tribal inclinations of belonging to a group clouded my judgement. Whenever I discovered a new issue, my first instinct was to always align as a default with "my side" and its position, and only strong evidence to the contrary would sway me. That created a situation where I had positions that I now consider to be wrong (and could still theoretically go back to in the future), simply because I haven't been exposed to all the data. After making that discovery, I purposefully and consciously stripped myself of any group identity that I felt was counter-productive to my search for truth. I encourage anyone reading this to take a good hard look in the mirror and try to honestly see where you are letting your group identity dictate your views, and how much of a grasp you have on the views of the opposite side to yours. Which leads me to:
2. I stopped "being married" to preheld ideas and beliefs and actively sought out the best arguments for the other side (what you might call "steelman" arguments - the opposite of a "strawman" argument). Some were good, the others weren't. I changed my mind on some positions and haven't on others, but became more well informed in every single topic researched this way, and came to a point where I can always eloquently formulate the argument of my opposition to the point where they agree with my characterization of it. That way, if I still feel like they are wrong, I can express myself in a way that they will listen. Therefore, no research that I did ended up being in vein.
3. "Once you assume to know the truth, you can never learn the truth." - I no longer enter any discussion assuming I'm right. If I do, my chances of learning something from it diminish drastically. I don't assume I'm wrong either, but my goal isn't to "win" the argument, but instead to leave it as informed as possible, and sometimes that involves conceding it and changing or polishing my opinion.


Following this arduous process, in the tail end of 2017, GearLogic was born. Right now, we at GearLogic are focused on spreading the best tool we have for discovering truth - science - through both affordable and high-end clothes and jewelry in all scientific fields. Our goal is to evantually expand into content such as articles, books, courses, videos, forums, open-ended discussions and more to make science and philosophy more accessible and palatable to the general public.


We offer quality products at great prices for any scientific field you can think of, with hundreds of varied and unique products in stock, updated daily.


We love hearing from our customers! If you want to contact us for any reason, we would love to hear from you! Go to our Contact Us page to let us know what's on your mind. As the owner, I personally read every single inquiry from our customers to make sure GearLogic is the best it can possibly be.