Affiliate Program

Our search for hard working promoters is never over!

We look for a few things when choosing affiliates. Some requirements we have:

• At least 16 years of age with a valid bank account and/ or paypal account*
• Lives in one of the 30 countires we ship to (check our "Shipping Information" page)
• Large ACTIVE social media following**
• Regular posting & interaction on social media
• Willingness to keep your code in your social media bios (EXAMPLE: USE CODE "XXX10" FOR 10% OFF AT SHOPJAIMMAR.COM
• Must be following our Instagram & have a customer account here on

*You will never be charged to be an affiliate. Payment gateways are for our payment to you.

**Followers on social media MUST be real, active followers. We will not accept any promoters with, for example, 17k Instagram followers, but only 38 likes on each picture. We do not accept bot-follower promoters, as we are looking to work with genuine beauties with the ability to drive in sales to our site as you earn!

We do offer exceptions, if we deem that you will be a great fit to work with us because of a fast growing community. 

Social Medias we love for our affiliates to use: Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Blog.

Bloggers with 10k+ Instagram followers are given priority, as they have multiple popular outlets to promote on.Affiliates are not required to post a certain amount per day/week, however, the more they post, the more they earn. 



As an affiliate, you can earn money for doing what you already do on a daily basis- scrolling through social media and posting pictures. Our affiliates will be rewarded with free gifts and exclusive discounts for your time and effort.

Affiliates are given the special privilege to earn money while they promote. 

Affiliates may use the code themselves to earn commission on their own purchases.

Affiliates must have a minimum of 5 sales per month using their affiliate code to stay active.

Affiliates will be sent a free item upon approval, and after their first affiliate sale. After that, they will receive a special discount code & item bundle after every 50 sales made using their code. 

Additionally, if we see you are doing well as an affiliate, we will reward you with higher commission and exclusive offers. 

We are constantly creating and adding new items into our store.


- List your code in your social media bios

- Post pictures, listing your code in the description 

- Create promo pictures, videos, or blog posts


The more you post as an affiliate, the more you earn!

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate at ShopJaimmar, fill out the form below. 
Current acceptance response rate: 1-36 hours. If you do not receive a response within 2 business days, you may resubmit your application. However, a fast response usually means we can not accept you as an affiliate at this time.